PALLITE® Helps Exporters Navigate New Wooden Export Packaging Legislation After Brexit

25 Mar by Charlotte Patrick

PALLITE® Helps Exporters Navigate New Wooden Export Packaging Legislation After Brexit

PALLITE®, an ambitious, award-winning international designer and manufacturer of paper board products, including pallets and shipping crates, has supported exporters to navigate the change in legislation for wooden export packaging.

Before the UK left the EU on 1st January 2021, EU member states were not required to use heat-treated wooden packaging, primarily wooden pallets and shipping crates, for the movement of goods between themselves, including the UK. After the UK left the EU, the law changed to state that all wooden packaging moving between the EU and the UK, in either direction, must be ISPM15 compliant.

ISPM15 applies to all wooden packaging materials such as pallets and shipping crates. They state that all solid wood and wooden packaging materials over 6mm in thickness and used for export must be treated. These regulations exist to help prevent the spread of pests and diseases found in wooden packaging that could harm ecosystems.

In addition, wooden packaging moving in either direction between Great Britain and Northern Ireland must now be ISPM15 compliant and any wooden packaging moving in either direction between Ireland and Great Britain via Northern Ireland. Movements between Ireland and Northern Ireland alone do not require heat-treatment.

Due to this change in regulations and the impact of the global pandemic on the heat treatment capacity for wooden packaging, it is believed current UK supplies of heat-treated pallets and shipping crates will not meet demand, and there will be a shortage in supply.

There are several alternatives available on the market. PALLITE®’s honeycomb board pallets are a strong alternative to wooden pallets and are exempt from the ISPM15 regulations as they are made from just paper and glue. The Northamptonshire-based business has seen a significant increase in demand for their pallets and shipping crates due to this shortage.

PALLITE® pallets can hold up to 750kg in open-beam racking, and PALLITE® shipping crates can hold up to 750kg and stack up to 500kg. The PALLITE® range is ideal for export as it’s typically 83% lighter than wooden alternatives, offering cost savings on air freight and greater fuel efficiencies. What’s more, the whole PALLITE® range is 100% recyclable and made from over 80% recycled materials.

Download PALLITE®’s new e-book ‘How To Export After Brexit And Not Get Caught Out By The New ISPM15 Wooden Packaging Regulations’ for free at

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