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Find out More about ISOTRAK…

This year, we are very excited to welcome a number of new sponsors to the #LogisticsAwards19 including the team at ISOTRAK GROUP. Find out more with the interview with CEO Andrew below, or visit their dedicated sponsor page to find out more.

Name and job title: Andrew Overton, CEO
Company: Isotrak Group
Category sponsored: HGV Driver of the Year

Your business: The Isotrak Group are market-leaders in fleet technology, specialising in vehicle telemetry and fleet management for companies of all sizes, across 3 continents. Our mission is to empower fleets of any size to become smarter, safer and more efficient with our connected fleet management technology. With a global team of over 100 staff (90 of which are based at our Northamptonshire HQ and warehouse), spread across three continents, we’re here to revolutionise the telematics industry with our straightforward product offering, cutting edge technology and first-class customer service.

Why have you chosen this particular category to sponsor and what aligns your business to the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards?
Driving performance has the biggest impact on a fleet’s bottom line. When you think of the number of miles driven each day, week, month and year, making even small improvements to how efficiently a vehicle is being driven can have a large impact on fuel usage. Encouraging and rewarding drivers for their efforts is imperative to keeping them engaged and motivated to make continued improvements. They should be recognised for the outstanding work that many of them do daily.

What major challenges do you think the logistics sector/ your sector faces?
We see three issues challenging the logistics sector at the moment. Brexit has proven to be a key problem, so has road safety, and driver shortages.

And how will your company tackle these challenges?
We continue to promote diversity and inclusivity within the sector, holding events, spreading awareness, and possessing an active voice within the company. Many of our products and services are aimed at increasing road safety through education, visibility and skills training.

Can you share an unknown fact about your company?
One of our first clients was Domino’s Pizza. We helped them start off in the UK by creating their delivery systems and databases back when they had just two employees within the whole of the UK.

What country, other than the UK, is your business most closely aligned to?
We also operate throughout America, Canada and Australia, with some of largest customers including Walmart, Loblaws and Papa Johns. Many of our UK customers also have hubs throughout Europe, where we also provide our products and services.

We want to encourage as many businesses in the logistics sector to enter these awards – what words of encouragement can you share with us? Why do you think these awards are so important?
The awards act as a massive showcase for what you and your company do, and the awards themselves mean that people are striving to be the best at what they do in their particular class. I recommend entering the Northamptonshire Logistics Awards as it allows you to celebrate what you’ve been achieving within your business.

What advice or words of wisdom do you have for a successful career and business?
Work hard and keep and your nose clean.

In three words what does Northamptonshire mean to you?
Innovative, Thriving, Exciting


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